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Mission & Vision:
Schools & Non-Profits

Academic Engagement // Fundraising

Educational institutions and non-profits play an invaluable role in our communities, and funding for both is vital to their success. By sharing an impactful story or spotlighting an incredible opportunity, you can inspire those around you while encouraging them to donate to your cause.


✓ At fundraising events
✓ Your website
✓ Email blasts
✓ Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter



Your Culture // What It's Like Working with You

New hires care about the people they're looking to work for. Culture videos offer a level of transparency that's difficult to explain on a job posting. Plus, your (soon-to-be) clients love them.

Your Business // All About You

This is the first video people see when they search for you on Google or land on your website. It's all about who you are and what you offer to your community.



Travel // Destination Reviews

Jumping in my car and hitting the road to find the charm in a town or destination is at the top of my list of favorite things to do. There’s something so unique about capturing an experience of a place for the first time. National parks, small towns and big adventures: I love it all, and am so down to capture and promote it.



Client Testimonies // Honest Reviews

I know you know at least three people that love the living daylight out of your business. Put them in front of the camera and let 'em roll! Authenticity shines!


How It's Made // Your Products

For high end, quality goods, people care about where your goods came from, and how they're made. Transparency is key.

Real Estate

Selling a Home

Agents sell homes, not houses. I’m always trying to incorporate a friendly, human element to each video, and real estate is the perfect avenue to do so.