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I bring a personal connection to architectural shoots. I worked at a large design firm for 2 ½ years where I collaborated with designers and principals on project submittals, developed marketing campaigns and created award winning content to aid in winning projects for the firm. This personal connection to the A/E/C industry allows me to provide a greater understanding of how best to communicate the story of a project, as well as the integrity of the design.


Project Profile vignettes

30 and 60-second shorts

Project Profile Vignettes are the modern way of showcasing your latest work. There’s truly nothing like moving through a space and seeing how people and nature interact with it in an an effortless way. These short films have been known to induce a bit of leaning in and smiling from a panel at an interview.


✓ Your website
✓ Your powerpoint interview presentation
✓ Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
✓ Your office displays




Hub on the Hilltop: The Advanced Technology Center

Connecting Community with Nature: The Environmental Learning Center


Culture Pieces


What It’s Like Working With You

Beyond excellent, quality design is usually a group of creative and collaborative folks. Whether it’s new hires or new clients, people want to know who you are, what drives you and what it’s like to work with you. Culture pieces capture the heart behind the firm.


✓ Your website
✓ Job postings
✓ Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

All films featuring designs by McGranahan Architects were completed while employed by McGranahan.